‘One country, two systems” principle a good example for Sudan

The  “one country, two systems” principle has set a good example for other countries to solve problems, Sudanese experts have said. “Since the application of the principle in Hong Kong and then Macau, the experience has […] helped in creating political and economic stability in the two (regions),” Hassan al-Saouri, a political science professor at Al Neelain University and chairman of the Sudanese Society for Political Science, told Xinhua.

“Hong Kong has achieved great success in preserving its economic position thanks to the principle. Such flexible self-rule has contributed to maintaining a stable relationship between the Chinese central government and the Hong Kong administration,” he elaborated.

Hassan al-Saouri argued that the principle could also “be applied to Taiwan,” adding that “it was a more logical and viable choice than others.”

Balla Ali Omer, a Sudanese media writer and China expert, agreed, saying the practical implementation of the “one country, two systems” principle has contributed to the economic and developmental renaissance in Hong Kong and enhanced the special administrative region’s political stability. MDT/Xinhua

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