Online classes to resume next week

Starting from next week, according to the actual school-based situations, schools can launch the home learning programme gradually in accordance with the relevant guidelines on teaching during class suspension in the “School Operation Guide.”
The Education and Youth Development Bureau (DSEDJ) stressed that schools should adopt the principles of “Focusing on adapting to learning and giving priority to consolidating the foundation.” Special consideration should be given to related home learning tasks, which should be based on those that students can complete on their own.
Reasonable and appropriate arrangements should be made according to the learning environment and tools available, the bureau reminded.
In addition, online learning is not advised to be implemented fully for students from Pre-Primary to Primary Three and in Special Education. Appropriate ways can be adopted to keep the aforementioned students learning.
The DSEDJ said it will maintain close communication with the health department and schools, carry out an ongoing assessment of the epidemic development, formulate plans for class resumption so as to maintain appropriate teaching and learning arrangements. LV

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