PJ head promoted to Chief Inspector


Sit Chong Meng, director of the Judiciary Police (PJ), was promoted yesterday from First-tier Inspector to Chief Inspector, a position crucial to holding the directorship pursuant to Law No 17/2020, promulgated last year. The position is the highest on the career ladder of a PJ inspector. It carries several responsibilities, such as “leading investigations of exceptionally complex and difficult cases, as well as planning and directing joint policing operations. Sit underwent an exam-based promotion procedure last year to attain this position.

‘Initial Training Plan’ sees up to 60 registrants in first week

According to the Labour Affairs Bureau (DSAL), the number of applicants for the “Initial Training Plan” for young people has increased, noting that 50 to 60 people have signed up within the first week of the application period this year. The training courses have been expanded from two to three this year. Also, in this edition, Chinese and Western catering technology courses have been launched. The scheme is accepting applications from June 28 until July 17.

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