Printing Bureau to move to new building in Pac On

The Printing Bureau is hedquartered in this building since the 1950s

The Printing Bureau will move its office to a new government building in the Pac On district, the construction of which has been practically concluded.

“Since the bureau’s current facilities have been used for nearly 70 years, regardless of their appearance, both inside and outside, have all been worn out. The current space cannot meet the demand required by daily operations,” said the director of the Printing Bureau, Tou Chi Man, in conversation with the Times.

“At the same time, the facilities have also prevented the Bureau from importing more environmentally friendly and more efficient printing equipment. Therefore, the Bureau was allocated, by the Financial Services Bureau, to be part of the floors of the current under-construction government building located on land 01, in Taipa Pac On, in order to replace the Bureau’s old facilities,” said Tou.

Moreover, according to Tou, besides it being used as storage and office space for the Printing Bureau, the Pac On government building will also be used as storage for several other governmental departments.

“In the future, the Bureau will move all its employees and equipment from the current office to the new facilities as to continue providing a service to the public,” said Tou. “Regarding the moving schedule, it can only be settled after the overall refurbishment is completed. The Bureau hopes that the relevant works will be finished [at the] latest by the first quarter of next year. Regarding the current office’s future usage, it will be given back to the Financial Services Bureau.”

The new building where the bureau will be located

The Printing Bureau has four departments and nine divisions.

In 1891, the Inspector of the Treasury, Artur Tamagnini de Abreu da Mota Barbosa, proposed the foundation of the department of National Press. The next year, the National Press of Macau was created and the first Macau National Press regulation was approved.

The Bureau came into operation on January 1, 1901.

Also in 1901, the occupational school, which was located next to the National Press, started its operations.

In 1952, the new building of the National Press was constructed on Rua dos Prazeres, following many office removals between 1901 and 1952.

In 1954, the National Press building was inaugurated, and the street Rua dos Prazeres was renamed as Rua da Imprensa Nacional.

In 1985, the Macau National Press was renamed the Macau Official Press.

In 1999, the Macau Official Press was renamed the Macau Printing Bureau.

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