‘Proof of Life’ period to expire by the end of month

The Social Security Fund (FSS) informed in a statement that the “Proof of Life” period for the year 2018, to which all elderly and disability pension beneficiaries are subjected, will expire by the end of this month.

The FSS would like to call on all beneficiaries that have not yet submitted their documentation to immediately undertake with the formality, otherwise their  benefit will be suspended from April.

In accordance with the law, the pension beneficiaries must provide the proof of life every year to renew their status and to continue to receive their pension benefit.
The “Proof of Life” can be done by using the self-service kiosks placed in 43 locations in Macau, or by going to the temporary office of the FSS at Tap Seac or Areia Preta Service Centre. To complete the procedure, beneficiaries should bring their personal Macau SAR Resident ID Cards.

The bureau would also like to remind citizens that if the beneficiary is unable to provide proof of life in person due to illness, he or she may ask to a trusted friend or family member to submit on his or her behalf the proof issued by a hospital, residential care home or registered medical practitioner, stating the current state of their illness.

As for the beneficiaries residing outside Macau, they can submit the required documents to the FSS by mail or through a representative. Beneficiaries currently residing in Guangdong Province may go to a social insurance agency at all levels in the province bringing their valid Macau ID to apply for the Proof of Life Verification Form which is to be submitted to the FSS as the proof of life.

The FSS informed in the same statement that until the present, around 103,000 pension beneficiaries, (accounting for 95 percent of the total) have already submitted the “Proof of Life” this year.

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