Real Estate Matters | The Rental Process For Tenants – Part 5

Juliet Risdon

This is the final part of the five part series on the rental process for tenants, and this final installment is about “ongoing living and termination”.

Once you have spent the first few weeks in your new apartment and are nicely settled, it is important to ensure that you take responsibility for the ongoing upkeep and condition of the apartment.

Whilst the landlord is responsible for structural issues you need to check your contract for who is responsible for minor maintenance issues.

There are really four key areas to focus on as a tenant:

1. Keep it clean

2. Keep it dry

3. Repair any damage

4. Pay your bills

1. Keep it clean

This will minimize the chance of having an insect infestation such as beetles or cockroaches.

To help with this you should keep all food stuffs in tightly sealed containers.

Keeping the place clean will also keep it smelling as nice as possible.

2. Keep it Dry

Keeping an area dry will keep mould at bay.

During humid times of year your best bet is to use a dehumidifier and air conditioner to dry the air.

If you do find mould starting to appear, treat it straight away. You can do this by cleaning it with a solution of water and white vinegar and making sure the area is dry.

3. Repair any damage

Make sure that you take responsibility for anything damaged, even by accident, and repair it. Rectify any damage you or your family cause and keep the receipts. You may want to let the landlord know what has been done.

It is also a good idea to make sure that the air conditioners are serviced once a year and the filters in them cleaned regularly.

Making sure that the windows get cleaned once a year on the outside is a good idea as it brightens up the apartment and lets in the light.

4. Pay your bills

Make sure that you pay your bills on time and pay the final bills before check out. If you don’t, the cost will be deducted from your deposit and you could face problems with the utility companies. This may also delay the security deposit refund process.

Giving notice

If you are intending to vacate the property ensure that you give the landlord the appropriate notice which, under Macau law, is 90 days. You can also check your contract for requirements.

Do not be tempted to use your deposit to pay the final months’ rent as this is in contravention of contracts and Macau law.

Once you have given notice your agent or landlord will arrange a check out and inspection with you and return the appropriate amount of the security deposit.

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