Red Market refurbishment draft amended to better preserve structure


José Tavares, President of the Municipal Affairs Bureau, has recently disclosed that drafts for the revamp project on the Almirante Lacerda Municipal Market (more commonly known as the Red Market) were amended again. The update was necessary as it is crucial to ensure the peripheral walls can stand during and after the refurbishment, as the building is a relic. “We don’t want any mistakes,” Tavares said. Due to the amendment, the tender opening date was delayed once again. Tavares said the bureau is striving to call for bids by end of this year.

Man apprehended for repeated arson

A 72-year-old local man, who was recently released from prison, has been arrested by the Judiciary Police for two alleged arson cases. No injury has been reported. The man was sentenced to 18 years’ imprisonment on 11 allegations of arson in 2009. He served 12 years, and was allowed out on parole in May. Recently, he was suspected of committing arson in a Iao Hon shopping center and a Iao Hon residential building. The police found the clothing that the suspect was wearing when he committed the action in his home.

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