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Rice here, right now

A cornerstone of Krug’s craftsmanship, individuality is the art of understanding that every plot of vines gives birth to a unique wine, a single ingredient in Krug Champagnes. From the humble potato in 2015 and the simple egg in 2016; the protean mushroom in 2017 and sundry fish in 2018, the enticing pepper in 2019, the unspoken onion in 2021, and now in 2022, the culinary chameleon we call rice.

Mori Tomoaki and Uwe Opocensky

In 2022, the House of Krug celebrates a global symbol of sustenance and vitality, the culinary chameleon we call rice. Today, the unifying staple nourishes half the world’s population. Versatile and charismatic, it is the backbone of emblematic national recipes everywhere, as comfortable in the spotlight as it is in a supporting role. By nature, an invitation calling for diversity on the plate, rice is a mirror of the human gastronomic adventure throughout the ages.

Its multifaceted expressions marry both the fullness of flavours and aromas of Krug Grande Cuvée and the elegance and boldness of Krug Rosé. Rice can be served as the perfect complement of meat, fruits, vegetables and legumes – making it one of the most versatile grains to ever exist in the culinary arts.

[L—R]: Guillaume Galliot, Robin Zavou and Vicky Cheng

In the seventh edition of the Krug x Single Ingredient programme, Krug once again explores the passion, creativity and delight that a single ingredient can inspire. This year, the House of Krug continues its exploration of unexpected food pairings and brings together 75 brilliant Krug Ambassades Chefs from 25 different countries who have taken inspiration from the House’s unique approach to Champagne creation, unleashing their imagination on the universal grain, rice.

The Chefs have selected from 7 themes ranging from finger food, dishes to share, Krug Rosé pairings, vegetarian meals, and street-food, to music-inspired culinary creations and sweet recipes using rice. Within these categories, they drew inspiration from their native or adopted cultures, experiences, personal interests or simply their desire for a challenge.

The House of Krug also presents RICE HERE, RIGHT NOW, the first-ever cookbook featuring original recipes by the 75 Krug Ambassade Chefs from all over the world. Through their culinary interpretations, which take the audience from earth to sea, Japan to Italy via the United States, one discovers the endless facets of rice through these inspiring recipes that can be replicated at home.

The world of rice is a culinary treasure trove of possibilities. Arborio, Jasmine, Basmati, or Wild – rice has surely exercised its enticing appeal on the Krug Ambassades, who have made this remarkable ingredient the star of their respective dishes.

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