SANDS CHINA NEWS | Sands China Integrated Talent Development Programme Welcomes New Cohort

Customised programme targets management professionals

A new group of 60 Sands China team members recently began the nine-month Sands China Integrated Talent Development Programme, after attending an opening ceremony at M.U.S.T. last month.

The programme debuted in 2019 after being custom-tailored in conjunction with M.U.S.T. for Sands China’s management professionals. This new group of team members is the second to join the programme, following the success of the first cohort.

The management training initiative combines practical and sustainable learning approaches and is facilitated by distinguished academics from across Asia. It aims to enhance the management quality of Sands China’s management team members and nurture them as future leaders.

Participating team members develop innovative management strategies, which they then implement at work at the end of the programme. The process requires them to engage in a number of cross-departmental projects, which in turn helps them obtain operational insight across various business divisions within an integrated resort environment.

Sean McCreery, Sands China’s senior vice president of resort operations, said: “Sands China believes that ongoing learning and development is instrumental to the success of any organisation, so we are very pleased to continue this programme. It is designed to elevate the concept of leadership development within an integrated resort, and it creates opportunities for professional growth and development across many key areas of the business. We hope this innovative programme continues to help build the talent pool for both the company and the integrated resort sector in Macao, in contribution to the city’s further development as a world centre of tourism and leisure.”

Up to 60 Management professionals from various departments are participating in this second round of the programme after being identified as the company’s future generation of leadership. The training aims to empower them to contribute to the company’s success through their actions on a daily basis.

Sands China views its team members as its greatest asset and delivered more than 1.48 million training hours to team members and Macao locals in 2020 alone, with training content stretching across 20 different programmes.

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