Sands China works with traditional SME to boost eco-friendly printing

In order to promote the latest products and services, Sands China has invested significantly in printing, and has set strict quality requirements. Accordingly, the integrated resort operator naturally looks for experienced, highly professional candidates when selecting a printing supplier.

Established in 1993, San Hip Wo printing factory has had a time-honored history as a local printing factory for nearly three decades, utilizing printers from Germany to ensure expert quality and efficiency. 

Sands China began collaborating with San Hip Wo in 2018. The local printer was already well known for its competitive pricing and quality printing, and at that time, San Hip Wo’s primary work was in printing dining and shopping coupons for The Venetian Macao. After the opening of the first phase of The Londoner Macao in 2021, the two organizations expanded their cooperation, including producing hotel room promotional posters, letterhead, envelopes and reminder cards.

 “San Hip Wo printing factory has been rooted in Macao for nearly 30 years and has its own plant and equipment, so it can quickly respond to the services that Sands China needs,” said Sands China’s procurement and supply chain senior manager, Candy Kan.

Its professional printing skills make the business stand out from its rivals. The quality and specifications of the products meet the procurement requirements, said representatives from Sands China. “We only need to do sampling once before putting it into batch production. They are a reliable supplier.”

When the two sides have different opinions on a printing job, the SME takes the initiative to communicate. “They point out which areas could not meet the requirements, or make alternative suggestions,” management from Sands China recalled. Sands China commented positively on the communication process with San Hip Wo and suggested that other suppliers could emulate them in proactively making suggestions and communicating with clients.

Talent is the core asset 

Dicky Wong, production manager at San Hip Wo, explained that the accuracy of colors is essential in the printing industry. However, the color of a design layout can vary through different screens. “Colors of Sands China’s logo are special and unique; therefore, no mistakes or deviation are acceptable,” he said. 

San Hip Wo has been absolutely committed to the fine details of printing since its cooperation with Sands China. The SME has made continuous efforts in leveling up requirements in colors, sizes, and so on. 

The company prioritizes quality and only supplies products with suitable materials according to the requirements of their clients. And with Sands China valuing environmental protection, San Hip Wo also offers environmental friendly paper and ink.  

Meanwhile, Wong revealed: “Talent is the most illustrious and essential asset of the company.” The company has more than 20 employees, many of whom are senior technicians who have worked at the printer since the establishment of its factory. “They are very sensitive to color accuracy. What’s more, they are familiar with the entire printing process, so they can operate the machines efficiently and accurately,” according to the manager.

Improving by learning

For San Hip Wo, partnering with Sands China means more than just business profits. To help suppliers become familiar with the procurement process, Sands China sets up courses for their suppliers to learn how to use a one-stop e-procurement system. 

The ongoing pandemic has caused economic shock waves across the globe, and SMEs are particularly vulnerable to the impact of COVID-19. Sands China maintains its partnerships with SMEs and provides them with business opportunities. Wong appreciates the company’s SME Expedited Payment Programme, which was launched by Sands China to provide relief to SMEs by reducing payment terms from 30 to seven days.

It seems that both parties are in sync regarding the future of their partnership. “It is believed that the [greater] use of environmentally friendly materials will be the general trend. Sands China has always been committed to minimizing its environmental impact, and San Hip Wo hopes to maintain a cooperative relationship to promote the development of [both] low-carbon emissions and environmental protection,” said Wong. Sands hopes the SME will explore more green options in the future to continue their joint drive for environmental protection.

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