Sniper Capital targets Taipa Village for six new projects

Sniper Capital, a real estate investment firm, has unveiled plans for six new property projects in the heart of Taipa Village.

The latest ventures will introduce an additional 50,000 square feet of commercial space, transforming and enhancing Taipa Village’s shopping, leisure, and dining offerings.

The new developments, scheduled for progressive completion by 2025, feature expansive al fresco terraces and flexible layouts designed for both food and beverage and retail operations.

The flagship project, covering more than 30,000 square feet, will boast a generous 50-meter frontage within a spacious pedestrianized square in the heart of Taipa Village.

This five-storey building will offer both retail and restaurant facilities, drawing design features from the merchant properties that historically occupied the site.

The other five projects will contribute an additional 20,000 square feet of commercial space to the village, adopting a more contemporary design with bright, spacious retail areas and airy, open terraces.

Pamela Chan, managing director of Taipa Village Destination, an affiliate of Sniper Capital, said, “Our latest ventures represent a substantial investment in Taipa Village’s future. The projects’ innovative designs draw inspiration from the area’s rich history, creating attractive settings that resonate with the cultural charm of the neighborhood.”

She said the new properties, located close to more than 30,000 hotel rooms on Cotai, are curated to cater to the growing number of visitors flocking to Taipa Village.

Through sensitive refurbishment, repurposing and redevelopment of local village houses, the firm, in collaboration with Taipa Village Destination, has transformed the area into one of Macau’s most distinctive districts.

Chan expressed enthusiasm about continuing to work closely with local authorities to optimize the neighborhood’s environment and introduce more creative venues that will further elevate Taipa Village’s cultural and lifestyle appeal. Victoria Chan

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