Editorial | Numbers say it all?

Yesterday’s AL elections, apart from winners and losers (a figure that wasn’t available at the time of this writing) have one major distinction when compared to previous polls that is

Editorial | The Times turns 14 amidst anxiety and fear

We enter our 14th anniversary with mixed feelings. On the one hand, we rejoice for such an achievement in a place and an era so full of historical news and

Editorial | The year of living dangerously

It was the worst of times. It was the best of times. Who will want to remember 2020? Not you, not us, not anyone who has lived it. Virtually every family on the

Editorial | Airport 2020

In November 1995, on a very windy day, the Macau International Airport was inaugurated with pomp and fanfare in the materialization of a long-time dream of Macanese people to have

Editorial | Soft causes

For the first time in the history of Hong Kong, a newsroom was raided and searched by the police. The headquarters of Next Digital media group, which operates the pro-democracy Apple

Editorial | Truth or dare

“The truth is nice but a rumor is priceless.” We did not have to wait for a revision of our own National Security Law under article 23 of the

Editorial | Small ain’t pretty

The concept of the SME (Small and Medium Enterprises) in Macau should be used cautiously because over 80 percent of our incorporations are actually small or micro, and most of

Editorial | Carrie on

The deadline imposed by legislators and activists for Hong Kong’s government to meet demands for the withdrawal of the controversial extradition legislation and for Carrie Lam to step down

Editorial | Chief puzzle

Heavyweight politician Edmund Ho made a rare and strong public appearance last week in a checks and balances convenium of Macau representatives’ work at the “two sessions” of

Editorial | The great ‘bray’ area

The vagueness of the 11-chapter document suggests that officials will struggle to realize the initiative’s goals,” said recently Yue Su, China economist of the Economist Intelligence

Editorial | HKZMB FAQ

I couldn’t be more ambivalent about the impact the opening of “the longest sea bridge” in the world had on me. It was a non-event, a killed-news. So many

Editorial | The Manchurian candidate

The plot of the popular political thriller is well known: simply put, it delves into a conspiracy to install a puppet leader in a state in order to serve

Editorial | Do the right thing

Secretary Wong Sio Chak recently said that the prosecution against lawmaker Sulu Sou has no political motivations and that the case runs its due course in the

Editorial | Sheriff gone rogue

In this year’s Best Picture movie “Spotlight”, inspired by the work of the investigative reporting section of the Boston Globe – exposing decades-old pedophilia crime inside Boston’s diocese – a

Editorial | Bon Jovi, two systems

The Bon Jovi China tour was trimmed to Macau following the abrupt cancelation of their concerts in Shanghai and Beijing. The international press – from the Financial Times, to The Guardian

Far from where

3 Jews are sitting in a DP camp after the war. Says the first Jew, “I’m going to settle in England.” The second Jew states, “I’m going to Canada.” And

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