TASTE OF EDESIA | A chocolate affair 

This Winter, Four Seasons Hotel Macao’s Valrhona Afternoon Tea Set at Xiao Ting features artful western savouries and sweets at the elegant space. 

Founded in 1922, Valrhona is a small chocolate manufacturer in the French village of Tain l’Hermitage, overseeing every aspect of its chocolate’s sustainable production, from bean to bar, in more than 30 terroirs and 20 origins. It is chosen by the world’s greatest chefs and artisans for its wide aromatic range constantly being updated with innovations. Its ambition is to expand each and every individual’s gastronomic horizons using a variety of unique, instantly recognizable chocolate flavors which never fail to amaze. 

Showcasing the ingenuity of Four Season’s culinary team, Valrhona Afternoon Tea Set’s array of exquisite delicacies includes Caviar with Inspiration Yuzu and scallop cauliflower compote. Inspiration Yuzu combines the subtle, citrus flavor of Yuzu confit with the unique texture of chocolate, enchanting the umami characteristics of scallop and velvety texture of cauliflower. 

Perfectly balancing the smoothness of the milk before revealing a fruity tanginess and slight bitterness, Bahibe 46% and its high cocoa content blends itself into a chocolate miso complementing soy marinated tiger prawn. The perfect execution in balancing the tastes of ingredients from both the land and sea reveals an extraordinary level of sophistication.

Manjari 64% is selected to make chocolate spice gingerbread cookie. Liberating fresh and acidic notes of red fruit with a delicate finish of roasted nuts, the chocolate pairs beautifully with the warmth of ginger and spice, manifesting all its splendor in the form of a cookie.

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