Taste of Edesia | Delightful season at Ritz-Carlton

Lai Heen and Ritz-Carlton Bar are some of the places discerning diners enjoy frequenting, and during spring, these establishments all feature seasonal menus that are visually enticing and unique in Macau.
Spring is the best time to savour the freshest Longjing of the year. Lai Heen’s tea sommelier selected premium pre-Qingming Longjing tea from Hangzhou West Lake, which has a mellow flavour, to craft the Chinese Tea Culture Tasting Lunch Experience. The 6-course lunch menu spotlights meticulously crafted dishes that compliment the curated teas such as steamed pork and shrimp dumpling with quail egg, Double-boiled pork shank soup with pear and Chinese herbs, and steamed fried rice with shrimp and roasted goose wrapped in lotus leaf.
The season also signals the return of Ritz-Carlton Bar’s afternoon tea session. The Spring Blossom Afternoon Tea Set is presented in a classic three-tiered stand adorned with nature-evoking touches, featuring savoury favourites of wild mushroom vol-au-vent and foie gras torchon with raspberry gelee and kataifi, along with buttery scones. Guests are invited to refine their personal afternoon tea experience with choices of sweet canapés options including lychee and Damask rose finger, rhubarb terrine, angel white chocolate with strawberry cream cheese, and framboise meringue with spiced sable. In addition to a delicious slice of cake or tart from the guéridon trolley, guests can unwind and let themselves be transported to a meadow with the abundance of flowers and vibrant treats. Irene Sam, MDT


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