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There are not many Chinese restaurants featuring an omakase dining concept in Asia. Audacious and innovative, Chef Wilson Fam of Yí at Morpheus, City of Dreams takes Contemporary Chinese fine dining to new heights, offering a one-
of-a-kind blend of regional Chinese cuisines served in seasonal menu format inspired by the 24 solar terms of the traditional Chinese calendar.
Born in 1985, Chef Fam is the youngest Chef de Cuisine within the entire culinary team of Melco Resorts and Entertainment. Graduated from the Flamingo Institute of Hotel Catering with a Diploma in Culinary Arts before beginning his career at Singapore’s most famous hotel – Raffles, he gained valuable experience at both the world-famous ‘Doc Cheng’s’ and the Raffles Courtyard where he attained the title of Junior Sous Chef.
“The degustation menu at Yí is updated 12 times a year and we do a lot of research with seasonal ingredients, constantly trying new elements. With the given freedom to explore, we are able to provide a unique experience that is not found anywhere else, while maintaining a focus on traditional cooking techniques,” Chef Fam explains.
Yí’s culinary philosophy is based on the oldest of the Chinese classic texts, I Ching or Book of Changes, in which Yí refers to the belief that nourishment leads to wellness and good fortune. During a gastronomic journey at the restaurant, one would immediately discovers Chef Fam’s genius and exception attention to detail through a dish such as Abalone with Sichuan sausage.
Pairing umami characteristics with meaty flavours could be disastrous if not done carefully, but Chef Fam manages the challenge beautifully by adding in some chanterelle mushrooms. The result allows discerning diners to appreciate various ingredients harmoniously while enjoying their distinctions at the same time.
For visual pleasure, the eye-catching ceramic tableware at Yí has been custom-designed by Monica Tsang Designs. Known for her inventive, playful and fun-loving approach, Tsang has applied the themes of nature and fortune to these exclusive new collections. The show plates come courtesy of illustrious French tableware brand Bernardaud, which has designed an exclusive gold-rimmed plate for Yí featuring delicate peach blossoms symbolic of fortune and luck in Chinese culture. Irene Sam, Mdt

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