Three cases of bank card abuse revealed

Recently, the Judiciary Police (PJ) received three different reports of credit or debit card abuse, resulting in a total loss of nearly MOP18,000 between the three victims.
A female mainland resident in her 20s approached the police on August 25, reporting that her ATM card had been used at 9 a.m. that day to make two separate withdrawals in Macau that totaled MOP6,000.
She was sure that she had not made any withdrawals that day, so she contacted her bank, who suggested her card’s data might have been misappropriated.
Another case reported on the same day involved a female victim in her 30’s who claimed to have lost more than MOP2,600 to credit card abuse.
The alert also came as a mobile text message. A transaction was made with a company in Hong Kong. Her bank has agreed to postpone her repayment until the case is investigated.
A similar case was reported on August 24, in which a man in his 50s reported losing HKD9,000 to abuse of his credit card. The UnionPay credit card was issued several years ago.
He received a text message from the card issuer on August 11, notifying him that the amount had been spent. After cross-referencing with the issuer, he was informed that the money was an advance withdrawal taken using the credit card. AL

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