TIS holds professional development day

The International School of Macao (TIS) recently organised a Professional Development (PD) Day to “empower their educators with the latest teaching methods and technological advancements.”

TIS PD days are held twice annually. This year’s topics placed strong emphasis on technology, “equipping educators with the necessary skill set to effectively incorporate technological methods into their classrooms, aiming to foster innovative thinking and problem-solving skills among students,” according to a statement.

One of the key highlights of the day was the AI Empowerment course. According to the statement, teachers learned how to “leverage AI to support content delivery during teachable moments, optimizing student engagement and understanding.”

“Both administrators and staff look forward to the opportunity during PD days to hone and improve our skills as teachers and educational assistants, learning more about the best practices for teaching, learning and safety,” said Lorne Schmidt, TIS Head of School. Furthermore, Schmidt emphasised that “Technology is always an area where teachers benefit by gaining a deeper understanding of available technologies and understanding how these can be effectively used to enhance teaching and ultimately, student learning.” Staff reporter

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