Tour showcases progress on Hengqin project

About a dozen Macau organizations have been invited by the Macau Urban Renewal Limited (MUR) to examine the progress of the Macau New Neighborhood (MNN) project on Hengqin.

During the visit, representatives from the entities learnt about the MNN’s design plan, pre-fabricated construction and soil improvement techniques with case analysis from professional engineers of the MNN project.

The visit also serves to prepare the industry with the relevant skills and knowledge, because pre-fabrication could be the future of the construction industry in Macau.

These entities included associations in engineering and construction, higher-education institutions and social associations.

In a statement from the MUR, it is stated that pre-fabrication practice is adopted for such construction to ensure quality and efficiency through using less wooden molds, saving energy and reducing construction waste. Pre-fabrication also allows for a better control of the project’s quality and shorten construction period, effectively expediting the construction of MNN.

The pre-fabrication method has been used in projects in Macau, such as the One Central Residences project.

The MNN project features residential towers of 19 to 26 floors, and upon completion will provide over 4,000 flats and 205 units for professionals. AL

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