Trade union federation meets with Edmund Ho

A delegation representing the Macao Federation of Trade Unions has met with Macau’s former Chief Executive, Edmund Ho.
The topic of the meeting was the second occupational skill competition to be held at the Holiday Inn Hotel in Sands Cotai Central between November 4 and 7.
Co-hosted by the Guangdong General Labor Union, the Hong Kong Federation of Trade Unions and the Macau federation, the competition was created to encourage interaction between Greater Bay Area cities. Other reasons behind its inception include providing workers from different cities with the opportunity to learn from each other.
Leading the delegation were the federation’s President Chan Kam Meng and Director General Leong Wai Fong. Leong informed Edmund Ho that this upcoming edition of the competition will see a total of 250 people competing.
Leong further explained that the competition has so far received great support, both financial and intellectual, from the Macau government, casino operators and the Guangdong labor union.
Edmund Ho has been invited to officiate at the opening ceremony. He commented that the competition will not only promote Macau, but also consolidate the Greater Bay as a whole. AL

30% of youth willing to work on mainland

A survey shows that about 30% of respondents were willing to work or start businesses in mainland China, although 83% perceived better career prospects in the north of the country than in the south. The finding comes as the government tries to promote work-life integration in the Greater Bay Area.
The Macao Youth Federation has released the result of a survey it conducted last year regarding the willingness of young people to work or start businesses on the mainland. The survey obtained 669 valid responses from people aged between 18 and 45.
Compared with the same survey conducted two years ago, significantly more respondents found the mainland brighter in terms of career prospects, with a greater proportion of respondents showing their willingness to work in the mainland. Their main concern for not yet doing so was their ability to compete with mainland residents.
A similar survey released earlier this year focusing on the Greater Bay Area, found that just under 38% of people in Macau had an interest in living or working in other Greater Bay cities.
The survey found that younger respondents and those with a college degree or above held a more open attitude towards working or living in Greater Bay cities. AL

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