Typhoon Kompasu | Caritas offers daytime hostel to TNRs working night-shifts

Considering that some non-resident workers work night shifts, the Caritas Macau has opened a daytime hostel to accommodate them, Paul Pun, executive director of the organization, announced recently.

After border reopening was suddenly suspended early this month, the Social Welfare Bureau appointed Caritas Macau to operate nocturnal hostels for individuals stranded in Macau.

Individuals entering Zhuhai from Macau need to undertake 14 days of quarantine upon arrival, leaving many in Macau without shelter.

The Caritas Macau has successfully secured more than 400 bed spaces. However, these are all nighttime spots, with no daytime bed spaces.

After days of work, the charity has started providing daytime bed spaces with the assistance of the Ricci Secondary School.

“With the assistance of the Ricci Secondary School, the Caritas Macau managed to secure a venue for daytime hostels for night-shift workers stranded in Macau,” Pun posted on his social media page, adding that the service is now available from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. every day.

The service is temporary for the time being, but the charity head hinted that if demand persists, it may be extended.

The venue is providing 70 bed spaces per day during the service’s early phase. Drinking water and shower facilities are provided at the venue. “If the venue is full, users may opt to use only the shower and seating area instead,” Pun added.

He gave clear instructions to prospective users about how to get to the venue. “Simply walk down the staircase from the Ruins of St Paul’s and then take the cobble stone slopes on the left-hand side for about 50 meters,” he explained on his social media post.

In justifying the necessity of the service, Pun stressed that night shift workers could not use the hostel services commissioned by the government. However, the past few days saw storms and heavy rainfalls impacting the city and these are expected to continue in the coming days.

He pointed out that some individuals are still struggling to find a place to stay in Macau. They may not have financial ability to rent a hotel room or have friends or relatives residing in Macau able to offer them temporary accommodation.

Most importantly, according to Pun, the service is possible because formal educational classes remain suspended.



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