UM vice-rectors say talent acquisition helpful to develop value-adding industry

To develop value-adding industries and promote technological development, the city needs high-caliber talent to lead, a University of Macau vice-rector has said.
Commenting amid the on-going public consultation on the Talent Acquisition Law, Professor Michael Hui King Man said that Macau has a single-faceted economy due to geographical restrictions, and as such it has been difficult to develop value-adding industries.
As the Intensive Cooperation Zone on Hengqin becomes established, Hui thinks the city’s long-
term development will be secured if talent is acquired accordingly. He also said that residents should not consider these individuals “job-thieves” as they will generate new opportunities in the city.
Another vice-rector, Dr Claudia Xu Jian, commented that the talent acquisition scheme will not only help encourage new industries, but will also serve as a de-facto apprenticeship program to nurture local talent.
Xu said that fresh talent will add value to the economy, such as introducing new products or approaches, hiring more people, facilitating new research, and more. The trajectory of the economy indicates the need for new talent, she said.
She does not believe that after the introduction of non-local talent, local workers will have no role. She thinks local talented individuals will retain their positions in future development teams. AL

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