Venetian’s North commences Sichuan cuisine promotion

The Venetian Macao’s North restaurant is launching a Sichuan cuisine promotion until November 30. The capital of the province, Chengdu, is listed alongside Macau as a UNESCO Creative City of Gastronomy.

The Sichuan cuisine promotion includes classic cold dishes such as chilled pork knuckle and century egg terrine with spicy garlic sauce and crispy beef with dried chili, cumin and sesame seeds.

Hot favorites include steamed turbot with black bean and green peppercorn sauce, tea-smoked baby duck, and Chinese baby lobster and clams in sesame chilli oil.

Dessert – a Sichuan blossom jelly with dried fruit – is used as a traditional palate cleanser to wash away the spiciness of the meal.

Sichuan cuisine features an abundance of ingredients enhanced with rich seasonings, particularly the use of its unique, spicy and numbing pepper.

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