Woman found dead in park

An Indonesian woman was found unconscious in a park in Ponte e Horta at 7.45 p.m. on Tuesday night and was later confirmed dead.
Information from the Judiciary Police (PJ) suggested that the victim was in her 40s. A security guard found the woman in the park.
The authority cannot find any witnesses to the incident. The PJ suspected it’s a case of suicide.
Cindry Purnasari, leader of the Peduli Indonesian Migrant Concern Group, told the Times in a phone interview last night that, according  to the information she gathered, the victim came from Tulung Agung in East Java. She was a widow and had a 15-year-old son. She had been in Macau for about five years and was a domestic helper. Purnasari also described the helper as a “nice and normal lady”. Some of Purnasari’s friends told her that the victim did look “troubled and sad” in the recent two to three months and remained quiet. However, they still could not confirm what was bothering the woman.  JPL

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