Woman suspected of jewelry theft worth over MOP1 million

A domestic helper from the mainland has been arrested for stealing watches, handbags, and gold jewelry worth over 1 million patacas from her employer.

The employer discovered the theft in his flat in Coloane at night and reported it Saturday, according to the Judiciary Police (PJ).

He said the items were in his flat when he left in the morning and that they had disappeared when he returned in the early evening, leading him and the PJ to suspect the domestic helper.

The PJ immediately contacted the domestic helper and persuaded her to surrender.

During questioning, she confessed she had a gambling addiction and had stolen her employer’s watch multiple times, pawning it to fuel her gambling habits.

Whenever she won money, she would redeem what items she had pawned.

However, last week she had gambled away all the money she had received from pawning the items and decided to steal from her employer again. Staff Reporter

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