Work on food safety must be done to help health: environmental group

This generation cannot forsake environmental protection, since the science tells us that this is the critical moment for action, Ruby O, chairperson of the Society of Food and Environmental Health, Macao (SFEH), said yesterday.
She added that food safety is one of the many ways in which we can help build a healthier world. “Because in order to achieve food safety, we must have a satisfactory ecology and environment, so that we can ensure both the environment and food are healthy. Otherwise, we won’t be healthy,” she said.
O hopes that the government and the food industries will show greater concern for society’s relationship with the environment with respect to food, thereby improving both food safety and environmental safety in Macau.
She added that philosophies that advocate a plant-based diet, responsible consumption, and the eating of local and seasonal produce have been observed in the region for generations.
The SFEH held its inauguration ceremony yesterday. It was announced at the ceremony that the group had adopted a camphor tree in Shanghai last month. The tree is 300 years old, 20 meters tall, and has a canopy nearly 20 meters wide. As explained, the species of tree reduces harm on the environment caused by smoke and dust by absorbing toxic and hazardous gases.
After the inauguration ceremony, there was a seminar on sustainability and the transition to a low-carbon economy. The potential for Macau to diversify its economy with Big Health and eco-friendly industries was discussed. AL

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