Wynn Care co-launches online job seeker platform

Wynn Care has cooperated with the Women’s General Association of Macau and the local online job search and recruitment portal, Hello-jobs.com, to launch the first online, flexible work-matching platform, called ‘WeCare-Happy-Jobs’.
A launch ceremony was also held today at Wynn Palace, with the online platform marking the first step in introducing a flexible work market in Macau, providing enhanced flexibility for companies and job seekers in order to realize the potential of labor in the market and promote social enhancement.
Tapping into the human resource matching technology of Hello-jobs.com, ‘WeCare-Happy-Jobs’ provides flexible work opportunities such as contract, part-time and freelancing jobs. It also provides information on the latest job trends, relevant news, various trainings, and sharing by flexible workers on their own job experiences.
For employers, ‘WeCare-Happy-Jobs’ provides companies with a platform to find job seekers, enabling them to fill existing labor vacancies with flexible workers.
“The concept of this project is people, family and love-oriented,” said Linda Chen, Vice Chairman and Executive Director of Wynn Macau. “Deeply rooted in Macau, Wynn Care has actively promoted localization in line with its eight directions. We hope to have a positive influence on the community by working with all sectors in society to chart new waters, thereby building mutually beneficial partnerships to ensure sustainable development.”

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