Arts | Forbidden City architecture exhibition comes to Macau


A new exhibition focusing on the architecture of the Forbidden City is being hosted by the Macau Museum of Art in partnership with the Palace Museum in Beijing. The exhibition will be inaugurated today at 6.30 pm. and will be open to the public until March 13, 2016.
The showcase, entitled “The Magnificent Palace – Imperial Architecture of the Forbidden City,” features nearly 100 exhibits, including cultural relics which celebrate ancient Chinese architecture. The exhibits will be accompanied by relevant illustrations and videos, allowing visitors to gain an insight into the palaces’ architectural features and styles.
According to organizers, the display will be divided into four themed sections: “Glazed Glamour”; “A Miniature”; “Gilded Windows, Embroidered Doors”; and “Literary Charms.” The scope of the display will therefore cover the perspectives of general planning and the design of individual structures or components.
Among the exhibits are “Glazed Immortals” – glazed decorations installed along the edges of a roof – which serve both a practical, rain-resistant purpose as well as a decorative function. Visitors can also view an ancient Chinese architectural component, known as a “dougong bracket,” which was used on the top of ancient structures to provide stability.
The Museum of Art will host a series of activities in tandem with the exhibition. These will include workshops and seminars hosted by experts from the Palace Museum along with demonstrations of ancient construction techniques.
Children are invited to attend a LEGO workshop organized by the Macao Museum of Art, which will see Chinese LEGO certified professional Andy Hung present a model themed on architecture from the Forbidden City. According to a press release issued by the local museum, “The Magnificent Palace” is the first exhibition of Forbidden City architecture held outside of the Palace Museum.


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