Briefs | Committee: New terminal size ‘appropriate’

Ho Hoi Leng, assistant coordinator of the Social Services Advisory Committee of the Islands, said that the new Taipa Maritime Terminal is not as large as commonly perceived. “Maybe it is due to us seeing a temporarily low usage rate, which makes us feel that the new terminal is relatively big,” explained Ho, adding that she disagreed with the proposition. “We must not see just what is in front of us. When speaking from a perspective in terms of long-term development, Macau really needs a ferry terminal of a scale capable of meeting further social developments.”  Ho made her comments during a visit her committee paid to the new terminal.

Restaurant closed after second food safety violation

The restaurant Lakeport Party Paradise, which previously provided unsafe food to a party held by the Centro Hospitalar Conde de São Januário (CHCSJ), has been found to have provided unsafe food to the Public Security Police Force detention center. Last week, the PSP immigration department detention center served food ordered from the aforementioned restaurant to five people who were awaiting deportation from Macau. The five people, after eating the food, showed symptoms of a gastroenteritis, and were admitted to a local hospital. They have since returned to the PSP detention center. The Civil and Municipal Affairs Bureau (IACM) has closed Lakeport Party Paradise in response.

WiFi street to cover Rua do Cunha

The Macau International Industrial Technology Development Association will launch another WiFi Street in mid-June to cover several areas in Taipa, including Rua do Cunha. Those who intend to access WiFi in the area should connect to the “” network. Currently, this network is available from the Istmo F. Amaral to the Lin Zexu Memorial Museum, next to the Amigos do Jardim Triângulo, spanning 1 km in total. A second WiFi Street is located on the central and southern area of Macau. The program has recorded 2.6 million users since its launch.

SMJ to build building next to Lotus Square

According to a notice published in the Official Gazette yesterday, three land plots near Lotus Square will be used to construct an 18-story building. The lands has been allocated to the Sociedade de Turismo de Diversões de Macau (SMJ). In total, the three lands occupy an area of 3,876 square meters. The lands’ temporary concession is valid until December 20 2019, which means that the company must complete construction before this deadline.

API calls for curb on illegal inns

The Alliance for Common People Building Up Macau (API) is calling for the government to combat illegal accommodation, urging them to amend the relevant laws because it is “severely affecting the security of communities.” Lawmaker Song Pek Kei noted that Macau law does not feature sufficient punishments for offences relating to illegal accommodation. She also noted that the Secretary for Social and Cultural Affairs, Alexis Tam, promised to improve the laws, but that no progress has been made thus far.  Song added that it is necessary for the government to rethink how to more effectively combat illegal accommodation.

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