Imperial Palace Hotel remains unchanged

The Imperial Palace Hotel being closed down in July 2016

The Beijing Imperial Palace Hotel, which requested a renovation period of six months last year, still shows no sign of renovation or any activity to correct its problems.

The troubled hotel currently has its gates closed with leaves piled up in a corner in front of the hotel.

A car, covered in a thick layer of dust also seems to have been parked there for a long time.

Several tourism buses and engineering vehicles have been seen parked in the vicinity of the hotel although no construction and maintenance works have been witnessed so far according to a report by Exmoo.

On January 22 of this month, the temporary closure order will come to an end. At that point the hotel could face losing its license if the government does not accredit improvements.

Currently, the public is strictly prohibited from entering the premises of the hotel, and such entry  could be considered a “violation of the order.”

The closing order was issued by the Macau Government Tourist Office (MGTO) due to several infringements of various codes, and took effect from July 23 last year. Among the irregularities were “serious fire safety issues including an inadequate number of fire extinguishers, defective emergency lighting system, blocked exits, obstructed escape routes, malfunctioning smoke chambers, use of decorative materials without fireproofing, and storage of fuels beyond legal limits, among others,” MGTO head Senna Fernandes said when the hotel was closed.

The MGTO head stated that, despite the fact that many of these infringements have being ongoing for at least two years, the department has given the company in charge a deadline for the management of the hotel to correct these problems and to perform the necessary improvements.

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