15-year-old fell to death from building, PJ reports


A 15-year-old girl reportedly fell to her death from a building yesterday, the Fire Services Bureau notified the Judiciary Police (PJ) yesterday morning.
After contacting the mother of the deceased, the parent said that she had an argument with her daughter, who was in junior high school, due to academic problems. She left home to take her son to school.
When she returned home at 8 a.m., the firefighters notified the woman that her daughter had fallen from the building and died.
After on-site investigations, it is suspected that the deceased fell onto the street from the terrace of her home.
After a preliminary inspection, there were no suspicious or criminal injuries found on the surface of the body, and no suicide note was found at the scene.
The Social Welfare Bureau (IAS) encourages residents to be aware of their psychological and emotional state as well as that of their relatives’ and friends’. In case of need, residents can call Caritas’ Life Hope hotline (28525222) or IAS’ counseling hotline (28261126).

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