18 old buildings benefitting from Macao Water’s subsidy program

As of early May, Macao Water Supply Company Limited (Macao Water) has approved 18 cases to receive subsidies under its Repair of Service Connections to Low-rise Buildings program.
Five of the approved cases have already been completed, the firm told TDM.
The program was launched by Macao Water on April 1 with an aggregate fund of MOP10 million. It aims to provide subsidies to owners residing in old buildings in Macau to repair their outdated water facilities.
In each case, Macao Water will bear 80% of the total maintenance cost, with the remaining 20% to be shared by the apartment owners or occupants. The funding will be capped at MOP50,000 in each case.
Eligibility for the scheme will be limited to flat owners on the lower floors (seventh or lower) of buildings older than 20 years which have suffered cracking, leaks, or severe corrosion of their water supply facilities.
The Marine and Water Bureau (DSAMA) stated that the Program of Macao Water compliments the DSAMA’s Water Safety Plan for Buildings, which was launched in September 2018 and is intended to encourage local building owners to conduct regular check-ups and maintenance of their water piping systems.
In April, Chan Hou Wo, director of the Department of Planning and Development at the DSAMA told the public that the authorities have finished drafting amendments to Water Supply and Sewerage regulations.
The proposed changes include a higher standard for local water to be deemed drinkable and clean, and a lower acceptable limit for heavy metals in water, among other measures. HT

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