2018 | Year of the dog

Generally, the natives of the dog sign are loyal and honest, kind, cultured, cautious and prudent. Due to a strong sense of friendship and companionship, the dog protects everything he considers to be the best for the people who are close to it.

The natives of this sign are not great communicators, having much difficulty in expressing their thoughts and feelings. So often other people get the impression that the natives of the Dog are stubborn and arrogant.

In fact, the natives of the dog have an always present characteristic, which is their goodness, being very affectionate. They have no tendency to become criminals or to earn their livelihoods easily and doubtfully. They like to have a discreet and quiet life, next to a strong family. They are always ready to help others and often forget their own needs. Countless times they are betrayed or deceived, as they never distrust those who they help.



2018 | Year of the dog

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