30 domestic violence cases recorded in first three quarters of 2020

In the first three quarters of 2020, the Social Welfare Bureau (IAS) has categorized 30 cases as domestic violence violations, out of 1,381 incidents recorded by the Central Registration System.
The figure is a 13% drop from that of the same period in 2019.
Among the 30 cases, 18 involved violence between spouses and eight occurred between adults and children. The remainder involved violence against elderly or other family members.
In terms of current shelter capacity, the bureau believes it is sufficient for hosting victims and their family members. It is part of legal stipulations that the bureau should provide support or help victims find shelter.
On the other hand, calls to change the crime from public to semi-public have emerged in society recently. The authorities can initiate legal procedures regarding a public crime even if the victim chooses to let the matter go. In contrast, the authorities need the victim’s consent to start a procedure if the crime is semi-public.
An official from the IAS refrained from providing an extensive opinion when questioned by the media recently. The official said that legal experts may conduct a study on the matter. AL

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