36 arrested for drug party at a karaoke bar

Last Saturday, 36 party goers were arrested for dealing or staging a drug party at a local karaoke bar, the Judiciary Police (PJ) announced yesterday.

Three people were charged with drug dealing, and the other 33 – 15 men and 18 women – with drug taking. The three alleged drug dealers are all non-local workers from Vietnam, respectively surnamed Lam, 27, cleaner; Tran, 36, security worker; and Tran, 30, cook.

The other 33 alleged drug takers are aged between 21 and 44. Of the 15 men, 13 are Vietnamese, and the other two are a local resident and a Hong Kong resident. All the women are non-local workers with a mix of nationalities.

Following intelligence about the possibility of a drug party in the karaoke bar, the police took action on March 23 and investigated the VIP room of the karaoke bar. Upon arrival, the police found the 36 people apparently looking under the influence who declined to cooperate with the investigation.

Searching the room, the inspectors found 1.31 grams of suspicious substances and a significant number of apparatuses for drug taking. The substances were later confirmed to be ketamine, of a value equating to about MOP1,000.

Further investigations have revealed that the alleged drug dealers had bought the substances for the price of MOP14,000 and organized the “birthday party” to distribute the substances to their friends. The police believed that most of the drugs had been consumed.

Drug tests confirmed that 24 people were positive for methamphetamine, ecstasy and ketamine. The police added that further investigation is needed to determine the source and original quantity of the drugs.

In another case, a woman has accused a man of sexual harassment, the Public Security Police Force (PSP) disclosed yesterday.

The police received the report of the case at about 10:30 p.m. on March 19. The suspect is surnamed Kou, 34, a local resident who reportedly works as a driver. The incident took place in an inner alley, the police added.

The female victim told the police that she was dragging a bag of trash to the collection point from her workplace. The bag was torn by the friction of the dragging, so trash started coming out of the bag.

She said that at this moment, the man approached her, saying that he could offer help. However, he reportedly grasped both of her hands. Feeling frightened, the woman called her boss for help. The boss arrived at the scene and the man left briefly, before returning to the scene to further disturb the woman. He then departed from the site.

Receiving the report, the police locked down the suspect using the public surveillance camera system. At about 12:40 p.m., March 20, the man was intercepted at Central District. Interrogations revealed that the man had consumed alcoholic beverages during dinner in Fai Chi Kei earlier that night. He said that he was tipsy, if not drunk, so that he forgot what had happened.

Another case had the PJ, PSP and Macao Customs working together to stop an illegal immigration syndicate and 14 people were arrested as a result– six operators and eight illegal immigrants. Four of them were arrested in Macau. Among them, two are a local couple, with the husband surnamed Lei, 40 and the wife Mui, 33. The rest are two mainland men – surnamed Xiong, 40 and Wei, 46.

It was added that the eight illegal immigrants were reported to be coming to Macau for gambling purposes.

The police disclosed that the illegal immigrants made use of the Hong Kong-
Zhuhai-Macau Bridge island to conduct the activity.

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