38% of junket workers attended DSAL’s job-matching sessions

As of January 7, 389 people (37.5%) out of 1,036 total candidates participated in job-matching sessions specifically organized by the Labour Affairs Bureau (DSAL) exclusively for dismissed staff members of gaming promotion companies (junkets), the DSAL announced in a statement.

The bureau has organized seven specialized job-matching sessions thus far, aiming to reemploy 1,036 candidates who sought DSAL’s assistance after losing their jobs following the closure of several casino VIP rooms.

DSAL also said that it will continue to monitor the results of the matching sessions, as well as the situation of an undisclosed number of candidates who are still waiting for a session. The bureau announced that the next sessions will be held between January 17 and 25 and will continue to be aimed at finding jobs for the dismissed workers.

The jobs available in the seven matching sessions included various positions for drivers, customer service staff, management staff and cooks. These job-matching sessions were held with the gaming concessionaires.

In the same statement, the DSAL urged workers to “do their best to collaborate with the referrals made by DSAL and ascribe importance to all interviews to increase hiring opportunities.” The bureau added that the unemployed workers should “adjust their mindset, find a job first and then try to find a new career path,” and “have the courage to get to know and experience different jobs to increase the chance of being hired.”

DSAL also promised to continue to pursue the protection of labor rights for the dismissed workers from their previous employer.

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