65.5 percent of Canidrome land to become sports facilities

The Land, Public Works and Transport Bureau (DSSOPT) revealed yesterday the plans for the Yat Yuen Canidrome land, having disclosed that 65.5 percent, or approximately 26,500 square meters, of the land will be used to build sports facilities. The DSSOPT’s plan was revealed during this year’s sixth meeting of the Urban Planning Committee. 

Some 20 percent, or 8,000 square meters, will be for education facilities, 9.7 percent, or 3,900 square meters, will be for social services and government facilities, while the remaining 5 percent (2,000 square meters) will be for pedestrians. 

Currently, the land includes the Lin Fong Sports Center, a 400-meter athletics track, two swimming pools, one activity center and one gym. 

The DSSOPT proposed keeping the Lin Fong Sports Center and the football court and building a new sports complex, a pool, a running track and a field training court.

There are approximately 15 schools in the surrounding area. 

The land designated for education facilities is located next to the Avenida do Conselheiro Borja. The sports facilities are to be situated in the middle of the plot, and the social services and government facilities are to be located in the south area of the land. 

Pedestrian facilities will be located at the border of the education and sports facilities, and at the border of the sports and government facilities.

According to the plan, an underground storm water storage tank will be situated below the sports facilities for disaster prevention. 

An expansion of Avenida do Almirante Lacerda has also been proposed, in order to increase the avenue’s traffic capacity. 

The bureau also recommended adding a minimum of 400 parking spaces at the sports facilities.

According to data released by DSSOPT, currently, the population density of the immediate region is 90,000 people per square kilometer. 

The region neighboring the Yat Yuen land consists mainly of residential land plots. 

Some schools need to provide Physical Education classes to students at the Lin Fong Sports Center, instead of on campus. The Lin Fong Sports Center is the only largescale sports facility in the district. 

There are around 20 social service facilities in the district, including children’s facilities and elderly nursing homes, and community centers.

Of governmental offices, only the Housing Bureau office and one Civic and Municipal Affairs Bureau service center are available in the neighborhood.

There are also four parking lots in the vicinity, providing a total of approximately 4,000 parking spots. 

The DSSOPT expects the district to increase its population by 13,000 residents.

The plan was applauded by most members of the committee. However, several of them voiced opinions on transportation as an issue, concerned with parking lots, sidewalks, as well as the storm water storage tank in particular. 

In general, the members believe that more parking spaces should be provided, not just the 400 parking spaces proposed.

Some members also suggested a foot bridge, since the complicated transportation scenario and the dense population might pose a safety risk to pedestrians on the sidewalk. 

The members also want further consideration of the storm water storage tank, as some of them believe that the facility is indeed needed in the district for disaster prevention, whereas other members believe that the land would better be used for additional parking spaces. Nevertheless, some members believe that the storm water storage tank and additional parking lots can be considered simultaneously. 

DSSOPT director Li Canfeng said, “The people-flow will become a lot bigger in the area.” Regarding the storm water storage tank, Li noted that the bureau will find people who are professional and expert in the area to formulate the plan.

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