Agarwood Diffuser for cars | MUST team wins international design award

The product “smart car agarwood diffuser,” designed by Assistant Professor Zhang Mengting from the Faculty of Humanities and Arts of the Macau University of Science and Technology, won the 2020 Good Design Award and the silver award of the A-Design category.
In 2020, the organizing committee of Good Design received a total of 4,769 participating works from more than 20 countries and regions around the world.
After multiple rounds of review by 97 international jury members, the MUST team finally won the honor. This also marks the first time that Macau has received the title in over 64 years since the inception of the award, according to the records on the Good Design website.
In 2020, the grand committee of A-Design received 2,094 works from 108 countries and regions.
After multiple rounds of review by 218 judges, the MUST team won the A-Design Silver Award.
In order to discover the modern value of agarwood, explore new mobile usage scenarios, and enable more consumers to obtain the wood, the designer combined user-centered design, bio-alcoholization technology, and intelligent temperature control technology to create a smart car agarwood aromatherapy device, allowing users to break through the limitations of time and space and enjoy a more efficient, full, lasting, stable and rich Agarwood experience while driving.

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