AL Election | Pearl Horizon buyers prioritize solving their issues

The first candidate of list 24 to the Legislative Assembly election, Kou Meng Pok, said that he would withdraw from the election if the government can resolve the concerns of Pearl Horizon property buyers before September 17.

This was revealed yesterday during a press conference organized by the União dos Promitentes-Compradores do Pearl Horizon para Defesa do Direitos.

“If it can be solved before the 16th [of September], I will bail out from the election. I am not saying this just now, I have been saying it for a long time,” said Kou who, when speaking to the Times, disclosed that the group is participating in the election because the Pearl Horizon issues are unresolved.

“We are participating in the election because, after two years of legal fights, the Pearl Horizon incident has not been solved. We are forced to walk this path,” declared Kou. The group decided to run for the election back in April.

“[Pearl Horizon buyers] talked about running for the election, but I thought it was unnecessary because, after all, the election involves politics. But throughout the past, the information was uneven. Since the beginning, we don’t know what has been happening regarding the Pearl Horizon case. We hope that our voices can be heard when we enter the AL in order to solve our issues by ourselves. We can even unite with the lawmaker who helped us to enhance the support we have received,” said Kou.

Kou’s campaign includes four other candidates – Hong Cheng Tun, Lee Ho Tak, Chan Wai Ngo and Xu Youse – who are also buyers of Pearl Horizon properties.

“We do not have the experience of a political team. We do whatever the law asks us to do,” Kou noted.

When discussing his prospects for the AL, especially in terms of election results, Kou said “the more the better” regarding the number of seats the group hopes to obtain in the AL.

The slogan of the group is “Macau residents, please save the Pearl Horizon. Vote for us for our next generation.”

“We hope that all sectors can be benevolent and show some sympathy with respect to us entering the AL to solve the problem,” said Kou.

Kou told the Times that the group will not give up the fight to convince the government to allow their properties to be built, even if the group fails to be elected.

“We will continue because this is our legal right. We come out not for the AL election, but for our legal rights. Our stance is clear,” said Kou.

The main proposal of Kou’s candidacy consists of solving the Pearl Horizon issue. Kou added that, if elected, his team will focus on other matters.

“In the future, after the Pearl Horizon issue is solved, our team will spend efforts to improve the happiness of Macau residents. Happiness includes basic life necessities, commercial environment, governmental administrative efficiency, and a fair distribution of common resources. Our political platform is abundant and meaningful,” said Kou.

“We will […] try to make as big a contribution to society as possible, bigger than other people’s,” Kou continued.

“We are not saying that those lawmakers who helped us are wrong. We thank them for speaking on our behalf, for helping us. We want to improve our strengths. We also hope that they can help us in the next AL [and] do not have other intentions,” Kou added.

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