AL passes amendment on protection of national symbols

The Legislative Assembly (AL) has passed a bill amending laws on the use and protection of the national flag, emblem and anthem on the final reading.
The bill aims to enforce the amendments in Macau, approved October last year by the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress.
Among the amendments included are new penalties for those displaying or hoisting the national flag upside down or displaying a damaged, defiled, faded, or inferior quality national flag. Those in violation of the laws face fines ranging between 2,000 and 10,000 patacas.
In other amendments passed concurrently, the national flag and emblem are to be included in both primary and secondary school education.
As previously reported, the new law also specifies several activities where displaying the national flag may be considered improper, including at meals and other private events.
In general, the government and the first standing committee of the AL agreed that the national flag should not be abused.
The new amendments also grant the Public Security Police Force and the Customs Service the power to inspect all situations where the national flag is displayed in public, so they can take action if the national flag is hoisted upside down or otherwise treated disrespectfully.
The amendment, which received unanimous approval from all legislators, comes into force on the day immediately after its publication in the government’s Official Gazette.

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