Albergue to launch book on East Timor independence

Albergue SCM will be hosting a book launch ceremony on February 2 for a new work titled “East Timor’s Independence, Indonesia and ASEAN”. During the launch ceremony, book author and editor Professor Jean A. Berlie, a researcher at the Education University of Hong Kong, will share his views on the research topics that are discussed in his book.

Berlie’s book explores how history and cultural traditions have shaped Timorese politics, as well as the role that Indonesia and ASEAN (The Association of Southeast Asian Nations) play in the country’s future. It provides a glimpse of the complex political system through a perspective that takes into consideration the Portuguese colonization, Indonesian neo-colonialism and the United Nations missions.

The work also addresses broader issues such as the politics of modernization, development and youth education.

According to a note authored by Berlie, “the possibilities presented by the new president, Luo-Olo, as well as the upcoming parliamentary elections, make this project a timely contribution that confirms the vibrancy of East Timor’s democratic process and bi-party political system.”

Berlie is a researcher at the Education University of Hong Kong and a member and former vice-president of the Association of Research on Southeast Asia, Paris. He is also a member of the board of Tai Culture within SEACOM (Southeast Asia Communication Centre), Berlin. He teaches at Lingnan University, Hong Kong and Jinan University, Guangzhou: Institute of Southeast Asian Studies.

He has published several books and articles on Chinese and Southeast Asian politics and international relations, including a 2012 piece, titled “The Chinese of Macau a Decade after the Handover”.

The book launch ceremony will be conducted in English with free admission.

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