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Ambiente hosts art exhibition

Another Art@Ambiente
exhibition is being held, showcasing the talents of local artists Jayne Lau and Josanne Lai.

Hosted by local real estate company Ambiente Properties in their Central Macau offices, the exhibition will run until today.

In 2021, Ambiente Properties’ managers Suzanne Watkinson and Alex Cheng had the idea of offering Ambiente’s offices as an exhibition space for local artists to display and sell their art. “The artists have an opportunity to network, show and talk about their art, the visitors have a cosy, intimate environment in which to buy original art’ according to the organizers.

Ambiente’s support of Macau’s local art scene has generated much positive feedback. Previously featured artists included: Denis Murrell, Leong Chi Mou, Marieta da Costa, Arlinda Frota, Heidi Ng, Filipe Dores, Giulio Acconci.

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