Animal rights | Canidrome paid MOP25m fine over abandoned greyhounds

The penalty procedure for the abandoning of greyhounds by the Macau Yat Yuen Canidrome has been completed. The Canidrome has paid over MOP25 million in fines, according to a statement released by the Municipal Affairs Bureau (IAM).

Last year, the former Civic and Municipal Affairs Bureau (IACM) prosecuted the Canidrome under the city’s animal protection law because the Canidrome was unable to rehouse the greyhounds in its dog farm before the deadline stipulated by IACM.

“At present, the relevant prosecution procedure has been completed. It was determined that a MOP50,000 fine would be imposed for each one of the abandoned greyhounds. The total amount involved is more than MOP25 million. Yat Yuen Canidrome has already paid the full fine,” the IAM said in a statement.

“At the same time, Yat Yuen also needs to continue being responsible for the expenses incurred by the greyhounds. As of December, last year, more than MOP5 million has been paid,” added the IAM.

Based on animal welfare consideration, the IAM is continuing to match suitable adopters to the greyhounds with the help of Anima Macau.

According to the IAM, from October 15, 2018, until January 9, 199 greyhounds were adopted in batches: 180 were shipped to America, five to Italy, and six were adopted by Macau citizens.

Currently, there are still 318 greyhounds being kept on the dog farm.

The IAM says that the current adoption plan is progressing smoothly, and that it is expected that the adoption processes will be completed by next May.

The former IACM was forced to take in a total of 533 greyhounds abandoned by the Canidrome “Yat Yuen” company following the closure of the venue.

In accordance with the Animal Welfare Law, the now-defunct IACM “has informed Yat Yuen that the non- reclamation of an animal within seven working days equals abandonment.”

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