Association hopes for adult offspring solution in 2019

Yesterday, a group of local residents visited the Macau SAR Identification Department for a discussion on the issue of obtaining local residency permits for their adult offspring living on the mainland.

The group, which consists of members of the Macau Federation of Family Reunion and another association, was invited to meet with the bureau.

Accompanying the group, lawmaker Zheng Anting said that these local residents have always been in contact with him regarding the matter.

Zheng stated that over the past few years, the association has had several meetings with him. The group hopes that their concerns will be resolved in 2019 before the change of government.

“This year, they hope that their problems can be solved [during] Chief Executive Chui Sai On’s term,” said Zheng.

The lawmaker also said that the identification authority has always replied to the requests of these local residents.

“They hope that the SAR government can reconsider [the restrictions] on adult offspring residency in Macau,” said Zheng.

According to the group, there are currently about 1,200 local families experiencing problems affecting a total of 2,300 adult offspring.

The majority of the 2,300 adult offspring are said to live on the mainland. The group hopes that the SAR government can provide assistance so that they can reside, live and work in Macau. JZ

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