BBAM’s ball with the Monty

Anna Preece & Oyuna Altizer

Audrey Stow, Kathy Kan, Eddie & Jessica Lam

Carlos Alvares and BNU guests

Filipe Senna Fernandes (tear left) polices MGM’s representatives

DSL Lawyers & guests

Frances Moffat Kouadio (front right) hosts guests of Britain’s Department of International Trade

ICBC’s guests

James Law – British Consulate General

Ocean Gardens’ guests

OCBC – the Ball’s first across the line sponsors

Ocean Gardens’ guests

Old Taipa Tavern profile Peaky Blinders

Peta Hougton & Matt Humphreys host Aristocrat’s guests

Kat & Dirk Scott

James Law – British Consulate General

SG Gaming

The Chaine Gang

Timothy & Rachel Feather

The British Business Association of Macao (BBAM) held its Annual Ball early this Summer.

Guests entered into the spirit of the occasion, embracing the theme of Policing Crime to celebrate 50 years of Monty Python’s Flying Circus with a Secret Policeman’s Ball. Guests were treated to a full performance by Space Oddity arguably the world’s best David Bowie tribute band, direct from LA.

BBAM guarantees a minimum of 50% of profits to its CSR projects.

This year they kicked off by supporting one local Macau student to join a summer internship at Oxford University – a life-changing gift.

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