Benfica wins 3-2 and makes history for local football

Benfica de Macau football club won 3-2 against Taiwan’s Hang Yuen FC in a nerve-racking match that saw the Macau team go to half time losing 0-2. Yesterday’s victory, the first of Benfica’s and of any Macau team in the history of the Asia Football Confederation (AFC) group stage sets the bar high and fires up the hopes and dreams of local players.

The match at the Macau Stadium started with the teams showing some inconsistency in their game, with the players showing their nerves.

In the 18th minute of the match, Hang Yuen FC took the lead when number 9 Chen Ching-Hsuan, alone in the box, scored with a header.

Benfica tried to regain control but playing well in defense and moving fast in the counter-attack Hang Yuen’s Chen and number 7 Yu Chia-Huang, soon made it 2-0, 33 minutes into the game in a play very similar to the first goal.

After the break, everything changed.

Benfica showcased 18 minutes of breathtaking pressure that pushed Hang Yuen back and into committing mistakes. In the 49th minute, Gilchrist Nguema finally scored for Benfica restoring hope to the Macau reds. The pressure continued with fast plays and variation and then Leonel Fernandes scored twice in 3 minutes (61 and 63), putting Benfica in the lead for the first time. The local team defended their lead until the last minute, netting the three points.

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