‘Boa Vida Weekend Market’ next month

Grand Lapa Macau and the Macau Flea Market Culture Association will hold the Boa Vida Weekend Market on December 8 and 9, featuring “boa vida” activities.

The Portuguese term “Boa Vida” translates to “good life, good living”.

In keeping with the theme, the market will showcase “good living” in booths and stands throughout the resort’s grounds; showcasing arts and crafts, entertainment and storytelling, vintage clothing and accessories, sustainable workshops for kids, pre-loved books and knick-knacks, traditional local snacks, live music and a picnic area on the lawn.

The event is the first in Grand Lapa’s series of “Boa Vida activities”, which will be held over the coming months as the hotel celebrates its 35th anniversary in 2019. The activities range from culture to gastronomy, to wellness and art.

The hotel will also hold events such as International Yoga Day, Music and Poetry Jam Sessions, Portuguese Chef’s table, wine tastings and cooking classes.

“Boa Vida living is not only about oneself, it’s also associated with one’s neighborhood and community. It can become a way of living that has the power to positively affect the environment and the people within,” said Rutger Verschuren, general manager of Grand Lapa and Area VP – Macau Operations, Artyzen Hospitality Group.

Meanwhile, the Boa Vida Weekend Market is recruiting special “Little Green Ambassadors”, encouraging kids from four to 14 years old to share their creative thinking on “one thing you can do to make Macau greener.” The youngsters behind the most innovative submissions will be the hotel’s ambassadors for green living.

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