Beijing offers foreign residents in Macau five-year multiple entry visa

Non-Chinese residents of Macau and Hong Kong will have an easier time entering mainland China as Beijing has relaxed visa regulations to better incorporate the semi-autonomous cities into national development

Strategy to draw in int’l tourists proving to be challenging

Though the idea of attracting more foreign visitors from long-haul markets to Macau is not new, it has recently become a government plan. While

Duty-free limit raised for Macau and Hong Kong

To stimulate the economies of Macau and Hong Kong, the Chinese government announced Friday it will raise the duty-free shopping allowance for mainland Chinese visitors to these

Alleged false rape claim arrest

A mainland university student has been arrested for allegedly falsely accusing her boyfriend of rape after he failed to fulfill a promised gift and payment. The Judiciary

Unemployment rate approaches 2019 levels

The general unemployment rate for March-May 2024 stood at 1.9%, while the unemployment rate for local residents was 2.5%, according to data from the Statistics

Portuguese authorities investigate dismissal of five EPM staff

Portuguese Education authorities are investigating the dismissal of five staff members from the Portuguese School of Macau (EPM), the Office of the Minister of Education,

Navigating college admissions another challenge for students

China’s grueling national college entrance exam, the gaokao, may have concluded, but the pressure is far from over. As scores for the all-important exam become available

Gov’t condemns Taiwan’s travel alert on Macau

The Macao Special Administrative Region (MSAR) government has strongly condemned Taiwan’s “defamation and smearing” in relation to the issuance of a travel warning concerning Macau last

Celebrity chef brings flavors of Jordan to Macau students

Internationally renowned chef Sara Aqel introduced students in Macau to authentic Jordanian cuisine today in a demonstration sponsored by MGM Macau. Aqel’s demonstration filled the sensory space at

SAR passport holders granted visa-free access to Georgia

The government of Macau has received confirmation that passport holders can now visit Georgia without a visa for trips lasting 30 days or less. The Embassy of Georgia

Cross-border traffic, airport arrivals on the rise

Cross-border vehicular traffic in May grew 23.6% year-on-year to 758,865 trips. Macau single-plate vehicle trips to and from Hengqin (127,000), trips made under the “Northbound Travel for Macau

MGM Promotes Macau as an Art and Culture Destination

With a commitment to connecting the world through art, MGM has been striving to promote Macau as a cultural art destination and enhance public interest in the city’s arts

Dutch artist brings ‘Eggspression’ to Macau

Galaxy Macau has unveiled a new art exhibition, partnering with renowned Dutch artist Henk Hofstra, presenting the “Eggspression” installation inside a venue in the Pearl

Over 7,000 individuals repaying student loans

Iun Pui Iun, deputy director of the Education and Youth Development Bureau, said there are still over 7,000 individuals repaying student loans as of the 2023/2024 school year. 

Crime Gang fight over money at Cotai hotel

Police officers intervened to stop an alleged fight involving multiple individuals at a Cotai hotel during the weekend. The officers used batons and shields to separate and subdue

Life science industrial park construction underway in Hengqin

A new life science industrial park is under construction in Hengqin. It is situated on Qinghai West Road and is expected to significantly boost Macau’s technology and life

Macao Water promotes water conservation

Macao Water has hosted its annual open day event to educate the public on the importance of water conservation. The company highlighted Macau residents’ relatively

Pair of giant pandas from China arrive safely at San Diego Zoo

Two giant pandas from China have safely arrived in Southern California, where they will be cared for as part of an ongoing conservation partnership, the San Diego

Japan and Philippines trying to finish defense pact for signing in Manila as alarm grows over China

Top defense and foreign affairs officials of Japan and the Philippines will meet in Manila next month to strengthen strategic ties and discuss regional concerns, the

Troops kill 10 communist rebels in a clash, in the latest blow to decades-long insurgency

Philippine troops killed at least 10 suspected communist guerrillas in a clash in a remote northern area in the latest blow to a decades-old insurgency that has

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