BREAKING NEWS | City under ‘immediate prevention status’ following new Covid-19 cases

The Macau SAR is again under the “immediate prevention status” after the 65th case was confirmed a few hours ago.

Just before midnight, the Acting Chief Executive André Cheong announced in a dispatch that Macau is now facing an “extremely high” contagion risk within the local community.

This comes after the virus was diagnosed in a 27-year-old Nepalese man who works at the Golden Crown China Hotel as a security guard.

After the detection of the 64th imported case imported the city, the Health Bureau mandated that security agents, cleaning staff and workers at this hotel should undergo a nucleic acid test.

According to the health authority, the patient has mild respiratory symptoms and has already been referred to the Public Health Clinical Center for in-depth diagnosis and treatment.

Further measures regarding the city’s status are yet to be announced.

Netizens on social media are posting photographs and videos of police officers and health personnels around the vicinity of R. da Ribeira do Patane.

Yesterday morning, the city recorded its 64th case following the arrival of a resident who traveled from Turkey.

“After entering Macau [via Singapore], he was taken to the isolation medical observation at Golden Crown China Hotel. The result of the nucleic acid test carried out Thursday night was positive. The CT (cycle threshold) value indicates a higher amount of virus, hence it was considered a new infection,” the statement read.

Currently, all Covid-19 testing stations are operational for 24 hours a day.

Macau is also requiring travelers to have negative Covid-19 tests taken within previous 48 hours in order to leave the territory as of today.

In early August, Macau was also under “immediate prevention status following the discovery” of four Delta cases.


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