Briefs | 160 prosecutions for spitting recorded this year


Since the beginning of the year, the Municipal Affairs Bureau (IAM) has recorded a total of 160 prosecutions for spitting in public places, the bureau announced yesterday. Since the outbreak of 2019-nCoV, the IAM has enhanced the cleaning of Macau’s streets, the collection of trash and taken a tougher stance on prosecutions for spitting in public places. As the local government urges the public to stay home and calls for fewer people to go outside, Macau is also handling less trash. In the first five days of February, Macau’s refuse incineration plant has processed 1,151 tons of trash on a daily basis, 25% less than before the virus outbreak. The IAM is urging the public to maintain cleanliness and hygiene, and to properly bag trash and throw it out in accordance with the law.

Record high seen in vegetable imports

Macau has set a new record for vegetable imports amid reports of panic-buying within the local community. According to a statement released by the Municipal Affairs Bureau (IAM), a total of 315 tons of vegetables arrived in Macau, marking a new record for vegetable imports in a single day. In addition, 242 live pigs, 350 tons of frozen meat, 60 tons of fruit, 34 tons of fish, and 440,000 eggs were also imported to Macau as well. The IAM has emphasized that the epidemic situation has had no impact on the supply of fresh food in Macau, and that the SAR government and food suppliers are working together to ensure stable supply, stable prices and sufficient market supply. The IAM is also conducting daily inspections to ensure food safety.

Zhuhai joins mainland cities with precautionary isolation measures

The Zhuhai government has joined other mainland cities in implementing a series of precautionary isolation measures, said to be for the purpose of preventing the 2019-nCoV epidemic from developing further. Like many other mainland cities, Zhuhai is locking down its people in their residential communities. All residential communities in Zhuhai are not allowed to accept “non-local” individuals or let vehicles enter if they do not belong to that community. All cultural, entertainment, and religious venues are closed. Gatherings are not allowed within or outside of the community. Property management company employees should report anyone who has a fever. All ceremonies are also banned. Funerals should be simple and reported to community party representatives.

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