Briefs | 800 new surveillance cameras enter into operation today


A batch of 800 surveillance cameras will enter into operation starting today, according to a decree signed by the Secretary for Security, Wong Sio Chak. Over 500 of the surveillance cameras are located in Macau while nearly 300 are in Taipa or Coloane. The Public Security Police Force (PSP) is the authority managing these surveillance tools. The cameras will be in operation for two years and the term is subject to renewal. However, the government will be required to do an evaluation should there be grounds for continuing the service. These cameras are one part of the security authority’s city watch system, which consists of four phases. Together with these 800 devices, the police force is operating 1,620 surveillance cameras in town. The government has stated that these cameras are installed in security blind spots and desolate areas where crime is concentrated and difficult to tackle.

Sewage improvement works ongoing at Fai Chi Kei

The local government began sewage improvement works at Rua da Doca Seca yesterday. The project also includes road rehabilitation works. Initiated on May 4, this is the last stage of the sewage and road work project, and will take a total of 100 working days for construction. Currently, transportation at Rua de Fai Chi Kei has been stopped. The carriage way at Rua do Cmte. Joao Beleo has been converted into a two-way traffic lane. The main construction includes repaving the concrete on both carriageways and the sidewalk, as well as the installation of a transport surveillance system. The project is expected to finish within this month. Once completed, both the sewage treatment capability and the physical appearance of the area are predicted to be better.

Communities urge resolution for hazard posed by old buildings

Local communities expect the Macau government to take care of dangerous building problems. The Association of Mutual Assistance of Moradores do Patane and the General Union of Neighborhood Association of Macau at the Central District hope the local government can take care of defective concrete problems and of buildings which are at risk of collapsing. Representatives of the two associations commented that there are old buildings in many of Macau’s communities, which lack maintenance and pose risks of partial of even full collapse. These situations are unsafe to the public. The two community representative groups proposed that temporary site instructors be assigned to remind passers-by of the dangers, or that temporary walkways be opened to avoid such risks. In addition, they called on the concerned building owners to repair the structures. Recently, a building on Rua da Ribeira do Patane recorded defective concrete. Luckily, no one was injured. However, the community noticed that the situation had deteriorated and the pathway is now blocked.

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